The Linux USB sub-system

Brad Hards

Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd.

Table of Contents
I. Using the Linux USB sub-system
USB Introduction
The Universal Serial Bus
Host Controllers
USB Devices and Transfer Characteristics
Enumeration and Device Descriptors
USB Device Drivers
How to get USB devices working under Linux
Basic USB Configuration
USB Device Filesystem
USB Human Interface Device (HID) Configuration
USB Scanner Support
USB Audio Support
USB Modem Support
Printer Support
USB Serial Converter support
USB Cameras
USB and Digital Still Cameras
Mass Storage Devices
USS720 driver
DABUSB driver
PLUSB Prolific USB-Network driver
NetChip 1080-based USB Host-to-Host Link
USB ADMtek Pegasus-based device support
USB Diamond Rio500 support
D-Link USB FM radio support
Using Linux USB
Reading the Linux USB Device Filesystem output
Configuring extra keys on USB keyboards
Communicating with the Handspring Visor
Communicating with the Diamond Rio 500
Using a USB Scanner
II. About this Guide
Availability and licensing
Obtaining updates and translations